Adult Mental Health Services

Westside Integrated Full Service Division provides Community Behavioral Health Services and treatment to San Francisco adult residents 18 or older who are chronically mentally ill, homeless and mentally ill, elderly, individuals with ethnic and/or lifestyle diversity, or individuals with co-occurring disorders.  Community Behavioral Health Services also provides a comprehensive range of chemical dependency services.  Westside seeks to provide an integrated mental health and substance abuse treatment service to residents in need, to foster a holistic plan of care and recovery.


The Westside Crisis Clinic provides culturally competent crisis and urgent care services to San Francisco adults (18 years or older).  Crisis Clinic is a voluntary, drop-in service open to any adult in need of emergency psychiatric care.  The Clinic is designed to stabilize low-income residents in a mental health crisis and refer that person to an appropriate source for follow-up treatment.


The Westside Assertive Community Treatment Program (ACT) provides intensive case management to a minimum of 100 clients referred by the Community Behavioral Health Services who traditionally might be served in acute settings such as psychiatric hospitals or locked facilities.  The program originated as a pilot program designed to meet the needs of severely mentally ill (SMI) individuals in San Francisco requiring a high level of services during a 12 month period.  The goal of the program is to stabilize these individuals and to improve their quality of life using cost-efficient treatment an


The Westside Adult Outpatient Program provides outpatient mental health services with an emphasis on case management.  The program follows a harm reduction approach to treatment, delivering service to clients that are sensitive to individual lifestyle and behavioral choices.  Services offered by Westside Adult Outpatient Services are meant to address a wide spectrum of cultural differences as well as the broad array of mental health concerns presented by clients.  Treatment goals include the prevention of unnecessary crisis visits and hospitalizations, and promoting the highest level of ind

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