Treatment, Recovery and Prevention (TRP) Academy (Tenderloin)

TRP Academy

Westside Community Services Positive Directions TRP Academy is a culturally responsive, peer-led, abstinence-based, reentry therapeutic teaching community (TTC) and transitional housing program. The mutual self-help community has a recovery orientation, focusing on whole-person care and overall lifestyle changes, not simply abstinence from drug use. ​​The TRP Academy infuses a strength-based approach into the program’s culturally responsive guiding principles of Respect, Interdependence, and Accountability.  The model supports peer-to-peer interaction and instruction, creates a sense of family, and fosters a support network that reaffirms prosocial values and behaviors.  A core tenet woven into the fabric and ethos of the program is community service – it is a foundational part of the TTC and provides students the opportunity to give back to the community. The overarching goal of the program is to advance racial equity and  teach students how to live. Please access the online referral form at