Billie Holiday Community Wellness Center (SOMA)

The Billie Holiday Center

The Billie Holiday Center (BHC) is a culturally responsive Reentry Navigation Center and transitional living space that is designed to provide a rapid connection to next-step resources to justice-involved adults experiencing homelessness, including those being released from the San Francisco County Jail. Located in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood the BHC will help provide placements as part of the City’s Tenderloin Emergency Initiative, which is a multi-department effort to create a safer and healthier Tenderloin neighborhood with more effective connections to services for housed and unhoused residents, reduced crime and sidewalk hazards, and increased investments in long-term neighborhood coordination between City and non-City agencies.

In a unique partnership with Westside Community Services and Tenderloin Housing Clinic, guests of the BHC will receive case management, clinical therapy, reentry planning, assistance with permanent housing placement, benefits acquisition, and next step resource which include drug treatment and detox, transitional housing, and services through the Community Assessment and Services Center.

All individuals and couples who enter the BHC have been selected by justice system partners or the Tenderloin Emergency Operation. Because Navigation Centers operate 24/7, there are no lines outside in the evening, and guests are not exited onto the streets in the morning.